Junior Ambassadors

School Ambassadors are students from Years 7-10 who represent our school as leaders on many occasions. The students learn valuable leadership skills throughout the ambassador program such as communication and team building skills and etiquette for VIP and formal occasions when representing the school. School Ambassadors are expected to represent the school on many occasions, both during school and after school hours. Events that School Ambassadors are involved in include Harmony Day, Kindy come to High School, Year 6 Orientation, Art on the Hill, Year 6 Interviews and many more important occasions that are a part of the life of Rooty Hill High School. School Ambassador Leadership experience is valuable experience to any student who wishes to participate in future leadership opportunities at Rooty Hill High School.

Year 7 Ambassador Training Day:

The School Ambassador Training day is a day that is run once a year for Year 7 students to join the School Ambassador Program. During the Ambassador Training day students are given the opportunity to work with the Principal and Deputy Principals, School Captains and Senior Leaders, Public Speaking Teams and Teachers from Rooty Hill High School. This day allows students to skills that are involved in leadership such as; Public Speaking, working as a team, leading a team and meeting new people. Students must attend the training day if they wish to be an Ambassador. This training is beneficial to students who may wish to participate in future leadership opportunities at Rooty Hill High School.