Rooty Hill High School is proud of its strong reputation for maintaining the highest standard of student attendance in the area.

At Rooty Hill we recognise that one of the greatest determinants of a child's success at school is attendance.

If a student is absent from school due to illness or family matters and it is likely they will only be absent for less than 3 days please contact the Attendance Office on 9625 8104 (or 8805 3609).


If a student is going to be absent for an extended period due to illness, injury, overseas travel, or family matters it is essential to contact the Attendance Office to apply for approved leave or, where exceptional circumstances exist, exemption to avoid being on unauthorised leave. It is important that each student is given the necessary school work to complete during their extended absence.

When planning overseas holidays it is important to consider whether your child has any important examinations or assessment tasks during the travel period. This is particularly important for senior students when preparing for their HSC. When traveling overseas, students need to submit the relevant extended leave forms signed by the Principal before travelling. Leave is not granted automatically.