Rooty Hill High School has a young, committed and enthusiastic staff, led by experienced Principal Ms Christine Cawsey AM.

Every teacher is accredited with the NSW Institute of Teachers and/or DEC.

The school has been recognised over a long period of time for its quality professional learning and professional practice programs. The focus of professional learning is to refine the skills of teachers in delivering quality lessons to students and there is also a focus at Rooty Hill High School on developing skills in teacher leadership.


Executive Staff 2020

Principal - Christine Caswey AM

Deputy Principal (7, 9, 11) - Conny Mattimore

Deputy Principal (8, 10, 12) - Thelma Vuki

Deputy Principal, Systems & Business Administration - John Meng

Deputy Principal Special Projects / HT Science - Aaron Prestridge

HT Administration - Joanna Willkins

School Administrative Manager - Janice Stuart

Relieving School Administrative Manager - Nadine Giorgianni

HT Junior School (7 - 9) - Sarah Andrews

HT Senior School (10 - 12) - Kylie Munzenberger

Relieving HT Secondary Studies - Amanda Latimore

Relieving HT Teaching & Learning - Brianna Dolling

HT Creative & Performing Arts (CAPA) - Melissa Scerri

HT English - Shauna Pollard

HT Human Society & Its Environment (HSIE) - Kate Kennerson

Relieving HT Mathematics - Tim Wrigley

HT Personal Development, Health & Physical Education (PDHPE) - Andrew Fowler

Co-HT Science - Clare Melville

HT Technological & Applied Studies (TAS) - Linda Graham


Year Advisers 2020

Year 7 - Kate Pozoglou (PDHPE)


Year 8 - Michael Ross (PDHPE)

Year 9 - Peter Jackson (PDHPE)

Year 10 - Elise Edney (Maths)

Year 11 - Alyce Land / Tracy Gatt (PDHPE / CAPA)

Year 12 - Melanie Douglas (HSIE)

Year 7 2021 - Taylor Tracy (English)