Rooty Hill High School Faculties


Creative and Performing Arts


English is the only compulsory subject in both the junior and senior school. The English faculty is home to two superbly qualified Drama teachers and there are currently Drama electives running throughout the junior and senior school for young creative and theatrical minds.
The English faculty maintains a high focus and deep understanding of students’ needs; evident in classroom practice, as well as through the multitude of co-curricular programs offered by English and Drama combined.
English are a dynamic faulty with an interesting mixture of talent and flare that is expressed through engaging lesson plans, inspiring texts, and involvement. We believe in modelling excellence and are committed to the Rooty Hill High School learning community.


The HSIE faculty specialises in the planning and implementation of the History and Social Sciences curricula at Rooty Hill High School. The HSIE faculty offers Geography and History as core subjects in Stages 4 and 5 as well as Elective Commerce and Elective History in Stages 4 and 5. The HSIE faculty also offer the following Stage 6 subjects: Aboriginal Studies, Ancient and Modern History, Business Studies, Economics, Legal Studies, and Society and Culture.
The HSIE team is dynamic and enthusiastic and we actively seek ways to enrich the learning experiences of students in our faculty. Whilst the main focus is on academic excellence, the HSIE team also provide opportunities for students to pursue extra-curricular interests and build their skills in active Civics and Citizenship by participating in activities such as: The Law Society of NSW Mock Trial competition, National Geographic Geography competition, Asia-Wise Competition, The History Competition, The UBS finance Academy, The Market Share Game, History Tournament of the Minds.
On a whole school level, the HSIE team plan and implement the following whole school programs: ANZAC Day Ceremony, NAIDOC Week Celebration, Sustainability Day and Harmony Day Lessons.




Students at RHHS no longer study Mandarin as a mandatory subject in just Year 7. Due to some innovative leadership from Head Teacher John Meng and inspiring teaching from our outstanding Mandarin teachers Aili Sun and Mioa Foster, we now have classes offered in all year groups.

Click here to access more information about our Confucius Classroom.


The Mathematics Faculty are a young and dedicated team of mathematicians who work tirelessly to improve the numeracy skills of our students and make mathematics fun to learn.
Some of the great things on offer from the Mathematics faculty this year include:
- MyMathsOnline.com.au – the login is rootyhill and the password is median (to access the homework students will need to a personalised login and password - students can contact their teacher if they wish to reset or retrieve their personalised login details).
- Mangahigh.com – an engaging, game-based learning website that has been made available to all Year 9 students.
- Mathematics Competitions/Mathematics Olympiad – for students with an interest in logical thinking and mathematical problem solving. Students interested in these competitions should see their mathematics teachers.
- Extra-Curricular Activities - The Mathematics faculty runs the Chess Club and also organises student participation in chess and table tennis competitions. Students interested in either chess or table tennis can contact Mr Kumar in the Mathematics faculty.


PDHPE offers 5 different subjects in both the junior and senior school. These subjects include Sports, Lifestyle and Recreation, Senior PDHPE, Physical Activity and Sports Studies, Junior PDHPE and Leadership.
The faculty places a large emphasis on connection and engagement through the delivery of the PDHPE and social curriculum. We aim to produce lifelong learners by empowering them with the knowledge to make informed choices. We also understand our responsibility within the school in delivering Raising Responsibility, PERSIST values and CT/RT.
The faculty model and expect excellence and participation during all school activities and feel that this is a major strength of the faculty. Our active involvement in school life gives our faculty a real presence within the school. The PDHPE faculty pride themselves on being innovative, flexible and open to change.



The Technology and Applied Studies Faculty (TAS) specialises in leading Technology courses across a wide area of student skills and interests. It is an educational area based on skill development, innovation and creative thinking practices. It teaches the skills, ideas and concepts of today to meet the students' education and life needs of the future.
The Vocational Education and Training (VET) areas of learning in TAS are taught by specialised teachers that are highly qualified and experienced in the delivery of competency based education. VET offers a course structure that is designed to provide students with the work skills and practices to successfully gain full time employment and can be seen as a pathway to lifelong learning.
The TAS Faculty is a progressive and focused team of classroom leaders, providing the very best in contemporary educational practices. The staff believe all students have the capacity to achieve and should be provided with rich educational experiences that challenge students to not only reach their potential but surpass it.
Courses in the TAS area:
- Years 7 & 8: Technology Mandatory
- Years 9 & 10: Food Technology, Textiles Technology, Child Studies, Design and Technology, Graphics Technology, Industrial Technology – Timber – Metals and Engineering Studies.
- Years 11 & 12: Food Technology, Textiles Technology, Exploring Early Childhood, CAFS (Community & Family Studies) Design and Technology, Industrial Technology Timber, Industrial Technology Metals and Engineering Studies.
- VET: Hospitality Café skills, Metals and Engineering, Construction and Retail.