Aboriginal Education

Rooty Hill High School is proud to be on Dharug Land.


Aboriginal Education in Rooty Hill works to close the learning gap. There is a strong commitment to providing support and opportunities for students to excel in a variety of areas. The school has developed a strong culture of recognising student achievement through applications for external scholarships, programs and awards.


Rooty Hill High School has developed strong partnerships with several organisations to offer opportunities to our Aboriginal students.
The programs offered for Aboriginal students at Rooty Hill High School include:

  • AFL Indigenous Academies
  • Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience (AIME)
  • Compass – Year 8 & 9 Explore Uni Day (Sydney University)
  • Norta Norta
  • Bangarra Dance Company
  • Murama
  • NRL School to Work
  • Sydney University Wingara Mura & Bunga Barrabagu Summer Programs
  • UNSW Indigenous Winter School


Students from Indigenous and non-Indigenous backgrounds are given the opportunity to celebrate Aboriginal culture through events such as Harmony Day and NAIDOC Week.


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