Mock Trial

The New South Wales Law Society Mock Trial competition provides students with the opportunity to learn about the law and increase their understanding of the basis of Australia’s judicial system in a practical manner.

The competition is open to students in years 9, 10 and 11 and each round, students in teams of 6, are provided with a case and must either prosecute or defend a particular individual.

The first four rounds of the Competition are run on a regional round robin-basis, and the rounds are held in each of the ten regions from February to late June.

The top 64 scoring teams across NSW and the ACT then compete on a knockout basis until two schools are left to meet for the Grand Final in early December. The winner of the State Grand Final is then eligible to compete in the International Mock Trial.

In 2015, the Rooty Hill High School Mock Trial team has had tremendous success, so far winning cases against Richard Johnson Anglican School, Katoomba High School and Marsden High School. At the end of the 2nd round, Rooty Hill High School is ranked 8th out of 116 schools in the entire state.

Our team works together with Mr Michael Terceiro, a lawyer who volunteers his time to coach our students after school. Mr Terceiro has worked with the school over the course of many years, coaching our students to become better lawyers and experts in law. Rooty Hill High School is appreciative of the time Mr Terceiro has dedicated towards our students and we look forward to continuing working with him in the future.

Any students who are interested in joining the Mock Trial team should see Mr. Singh in the HSIE staffroom or attend team meetings at lunch time – just listen out for announcements at assembly.

150528-mock trial_team

2015 Mock Trial Team Members