Have you looked at all the ways we are now communicating with students, parents and staff? 


During the 50th anniversary last year we started to experiment with the ways we would need to communicate this decade.

Although nearly all our students and many of our parents have a mobile phone, not everyone has data access.

Although all students in Years 9 to 12 have access to a laptop, students in Years 7 and 8 still have to access a computer through the classroom.

Although our assessment tasks and many learning activities are online on our school's Moodle, not everyone has the Internet at home.

So we thought we would try a range of ways to communicate.

For 2013 we will keep: telephone contact, text messaging, paper and hard copy notes and a printed version of assessment tasks, reports, letters, Missing Link, our electronic noticeboard, and other important documents. We will still have face to face meetings, interviews and direct contact. We will put articles and photos in the local media and, sometimes, will use the metropolitan media for big stories.

We will also use emails, Facebook, The Rooty Hill HS app, the website, Moodle and, from July, Goodgle docs. Most of this communication will be directed at students and we invite parents to use these electronic communications as well. We are happy to explore FaceTime conferences, video links and any other ideas that parents have for maintaining contact.

We cannot go backwards. In the next few years we will all have to be able to use electronic communications. Our current students will live in a world where access and success will depend on being able to use social and academic media.

This means we need to understand what the community and parents want. It also means that the school will lead for our students. In Term 2 we will be providing advice to parents and students about the technology we will be using in 2014, once the government laptop program ends. Watch this space.